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  • Beacons etc. Beacons, DX Monitors & Broadcasting on HamSphere 4.
  • Updated HamSphere User Search
  • Arduino Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.
  • OpenWebRx OpenWebRX is a remote spectrum monitoring solution similar to WebSdr except that it is open software.

Ham Radio Resources

This is a central repository of HamSphere  and ham radio related resources and links that I thought might be of interest to HamSphere and other ham radio enthusiasts. If you have other resources you would like to add, please contact me.

Resource List

HamSphere DXCC Country Map

This Google map contains pins for all 340 countries on the ARRL DXCC list that are also valid countries for HamSphere. Each pin contains a country name, ham prefix, HamSphere prefix, ITU zone and CQ Zone.

Country List Map

Fred K1FL

Fred6After spending more than thirty-five years actively involved with ham radio, I spent the next twenty years with virtually no ham activity at all. For me, ham radio was just a fleeting, albeit fond, memory.

Honestly, at the time I left the hobby, I had every expectation that ham radio would die a natural death and cease to exist. Obviously, I was wrong and it appears to be more vibrant than ever.

Unfortunately for those of us living in areas where any external antenna is not a realistic option, ham radio is out of our reach. Luckily HamSphere 4 and virtual radio is changing this. While it is not “real” HF, it is an amazingly accurate simulation of “real world” propagation conditions! For this reason and many more, HamSphere is a great option for many of us.

Because of HamSphere 4 and my renewed interest in ham radio, I have purchased a 2m and 70CM Yaesu dual band transceiver which hopefully will allow me to get more involved in local ham radio activities here in the “valley of the sun.” Additionally, I have recently retired and have plenty of time for ham radio as well as other interests including photography plus post-processing, Arduino, 3D modeling using Blender and Fusion 360, Apple computers and devices, and enjoying outdoor activities in sunny and warm Arizona.

Talk to you soon on HamSphere 4.

Fred K1FL

HamSphere 4 Virtual Radio

Click on the image for a larger view.

All HamSphere transceivers consist of modules arranged in any configuration that you need to support your operating style. The image above is a screenshot of my current transceiver design. Notice the antenna selector in the middle of the design. This allows an operator to select an antenna for the band they are currently using. There is currently more than one hundred antennas in the “HamSphere Shop” to choose from. For example, a  simulated 2x2 5-element Yagi Stacked Array for 20 meters is available for about $64 US. Just like the radio, each antenna design is an accurate simulation of a real world antenna.